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10 Essential Plugins You Should Consider For Your New WordPress Blog

Well, Let me Guess, You Created a new WordPress site, You want to add more functionality (And You know Plugins would do that). But wait, something is troubling you there.

Let me tell you, There are  48,467 WordPress plugins in WordPress Plugin Directory to choose from. This number may rise or fall (Definitely Rise), but it’s an unimaginable task to try all those plugins for You, Me or Anyone.

But You can’t just sit there & do nothing, You need to make some choices. Selection of the best plugins among them, for categories such as Site Security, Search Engine Optimization, Inter-linking, Sitemap functionality, Social Sharing, Site Data Analytics, Contact Form, Anti-Spam, Site-Speed & Cache.

You may be thinking, I have mentioned just the categories & not the plugin names yet.
So, Hold-on your breaths & let me have the opportunity to introduce you with the best plugins in each category mentioned above.
You’re nothing if your site isn’t secure. Let’s move on with Site Security Plugins first down the line.


In case of WordPress Security, one thing you can’t oversee is the Security of your Site. Take care of your Blog/Site from Day 1 & it shall flourish in the later days. You can’t let it go in the hands of Hackers who are always in sight of loosely secured Sites. There are a number of Plugins WP Experts Developed, Find them Below:

1) WordFence

With more than a million installs, WordFence happens to be my personal favorite security plugin. I do use it on one of my Blogs & the Security & Hacker Protection it provides is just Fantastic!

It keeps scanning your Database for malware infection & alerts you when there’s an issue to be addressed.
According to WordFence Creators, “WordFence secures your site & makes it upto 50 times faster.” This statement somewhat holds true.

WordFence uses Falcom Caching Engine to serve web pages faster. While the plugin is totally free of cost, there are premium plans with added features.

Get it Here.

2) iThemes Security

The second on this list is iThemes Security, with over 700,000+ Installs, this plugins claims to provide more than 30 ways to secure your Website.

According to iThemes Security, ” 30,000 New Websites are hacked every day on account of loose security of WordPress Sites.” I shall totally agree with them.

iThemes Security helps fix typical holes, prevent automated attacks & strengthens user credentials. As we told for WordFence, iThemes too offers a Premium plan with loads of advanced features. You could use it for more advanced security features. Afterall, Security of your site is in your hands.

Get it Here.

3) Sucuri Security

A new player with slightly more than 200,000 active installs, this plugin is totally free of cost to all WordPress users, offers a bunch of features listed below:

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Website Firewall (add-on)

It’s a complete Security Suite designed to enhance your active security position. The key security features they provide for their users has developed a positive impact on their security posture.

Get it Here.

Search Engine Optimization

You made a Blog/Site, put up content on that, now what matters the most to you? Traffic!.
You can have multiple sources of Traffic on your Blog (Example: Social Media Traffic from Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but you simply can’t win in the long run if you are dependent on Referral Traffic. Trust Me, Organic Traffic matters a lot. Higher the Traffic, Higher the Sales & Leads.

Traffic is very much synonymous with something we call Search Engine Optimization. For Search Engines to Fall for your Content & Place you in the top for Search Queries, you need to take care of SEO. Even though all tasks can’t be performed with the help of SEO Plugins, they are an integral part of a long process. They help you to Optimize your content for Search Engines. (Primarily Google, others include Bing, Yahoo!, AOL.)

4) WordPress SEO by Yoast

I can’t appreciate this Plugin enough without making a separate post on it, SEO by Yoast is the only WordPress SEO Plugin you shall ever need throughout your Blogging career. Even SPELLBIRD uses it.

WordPress SEO by Yoast takes care of the very basics of Search Engine Optimization, giving options for optimizing your Blog Posts for Search Engines & also taking care you do not miss out on anything from Keywords to Sharing Options. Strongly Recommended.

While this plugin plugin with more than a million installs has a free basic version, you can buy the Premium Version to test the more advanced functions of the plugin.

Get it Here.

5) All in One SEO Pack

While i’ve already appreciated much WordPress SEO by Yoast, for a change you can go with All in One SEO Pack. It’s an equally fantastic plugin with loads of features to try.

Ice-Creams have a hell lot of Flavours. Similarly SEO Plugins have too many different options. While SEO by Yoast is Chocolate, All in One SEO is Butterscotch. Get my Point? You can try them out and use the one which works better for you.

(Please Note: Don’t use multiple SEO Plugins, it can harm your SERP Ranking.)

Get it Here.

Post InterLinking

Interlinking, according to Google, means connecting two or things together.

Recently, we made a post on SPELLBIRD about Step-by-Step Guide: How To Create Your WordPress Blog (with images).

Yeah, You saw that? We mentioned a recent post & also a link to it. That’s all because we can Interlink related WordPress Posts. With Interlinking, you increase the value of other web pages on the same domain & they shall rank higher in Search Queries as Search Engines intercept it as an as Valuable Post as any other on the same domain.

This was the good part, you might face the heat when you have to do the interlinking work manually. Don’t worry, your life has been made easier now, Keep Reading.

6) SEO Smart Links

The Best Interlinking Plugin in the Market out there, you can easily use it to inter-link your related posts & make them more Valuable. (Note: Link Juice Passes through inter-linked web-pages.)

You can automate the whole process using the Custom Word option in the plugin so that whenever you use the same keyword again in your blog-posts, the inter-link is made.

Taking an Example, If I set “create a blog” as a keyword in SEO Smart Links in the custom word option, Whenever I use this keyword in my articles or if It already used in the past, it will be interlinked to “create a blog” sentence of the Article.

Get it Here.

XML Sitemaps

Search Engine Optimization closely relates to XML Sitemaps. While we aren’t saying much on this topic, read below to find more about the Best XML Sitemaps Plugin.

7) XML Sitemap

A Really Simple Plugin to use for creating XML Sitemaps for Search Engine Submissions. The Plugin is Free to use with good support from the Developers. Even though you can use SEO by Yoast’s XML Sitemap Feature, I recommend this for a simpler URL & an easy-to-understand interface.

Get it Here.

Social Sharing

You just published an article, some people read it & really liked it. They want to share it to their friends & colleagues.
But copying the URL from the url box & then posting links is a tedious task & some people might hit the cross button on the tab before they even do so. Hurray! Here’s where Social Sharing Plugins come to rescue you. Keep Reading.

8) Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Monarch, by Elegant Themes is one of the Best Premium Social Sharing Plugins in the Market. Monarch has over 25+ Social Networks & Sharing options including services like Buffer, Print & Like. Also it provides you with analytics of your stats. With an intuitive design, it has a hell lot of customization.

While there’s only the Premium version available, it’s worth the Money.

Get it Here.

9) ShareThis

ShareThis is indeed a good free option over other premium alternatives. They offer a bunch of features to boost your Social Media activity listed below:

  • Where you can select from 120 social channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • They offer you to customize and let you use small or large buttons, include counters or use one of the Sharing Bars
  • You can access to greater insights by making a Social Analytics Dashboard account

Get it Here.

Best All-Rounder Plugin

While I’d have kept it in the very beginning, but it wanted the excitement to last till the end. Take a look at Jetpack by WordPress.com, offering innumerable features for your WordPress Site. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Jetpack.

10) Jetpack by WordPress.com

With over a million+ installs, Jetpack supports you to maintain your WordPress sites by giving you wide range of features such as  Visitor stats, Security Services, Image Loading SpeedUp & assisting you to get more reach with your Site.

Some of the Best Features offered by Jetpack are:

  • Traffic Growth & Insights
  • Security
  • Image Performance
  • Centralized Management
  • WP short links

Jetpack has features of almost all the important plugins. However, Priority matters.

Get it Here.

The List might feel incomplete without mention of an Analytics plugin, with no doubt, you can’t get a tool better than Google Analytics for Data Analytics.

Let us know through the Comments if we’ve missed out any plugin & what’s your list of Favourite Plugins. Till then, Help us Grow, Keep Sharing.


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