The Best Way To Watch Movies Online

If you want to watch movies online, you have two options – either download pirated movies that offer low video & audio quality or sign up for premium video streaming services that let you access thousands of movies & tv shows in high definition, legally.

If it bothers you to scour the internet in search of your favorite movie, only to be dissatisfied by the poor video/audio quality, your best bet to watch movies online is to sign up for premium media streaming services & enjoy.



With 100+ million subscribers, Netflix is by far the most popular media streaming service right now. And it’s available in over 200 countries. Thousands of titles are available on Netflix & new ones added every month, all that with zero ads. It’s hard to say no to such variety.

Even though Netflix has the most extensive video streaming library, they don’t have the most recent blockbusters or latest episodes of popular tv series. To compensate, they have Netflix Originals, their in-house production movies & tv shows that are surely worth binge-watching. Their originals include – House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why & more.

You can’t access their catalog until you sign up, but there’s a one-month free trial. (yes, they need your credit card details). You can utilize the month to evaluate if it’s worth it to watch movies online.

About pricing, the basic tier costs $7.99 per month & gives access to standard definition streaming on one screen. If you go for the $9.99 per month plan, you get access to high definition content that can be streamed to two screens concurrently. Their highest offering at $11.99 per month gives access to ultra-high definition content, with streaming on four screens simultaneously.

Amazon Prime Video

prime video

Amazon caters you to almost all of your needs, from books to space travel (well, in future). How could they not dive into media streaming domain?

Prime Video started with a pay-per-view model to watch movies online, but they swiftly rolled out a subscription-based model.

Unfortunately, Prime Video’s library isn’t that huge. But recently Amazon has been signing exclusive deals with companies like Warner Bros, Dharma Productions, etc. They’re also in talks with Eros Media, to acquire rights to stream the most extensive library of Indian movies & tv shows. It does look like a safe bet for future.

Somewhat a Netflix-thing, Prime Video Originals gives you to a lot of in-house and acquired content, more of it in ongoing production.

You can access Prime Video for $8.99 per month standalone or bundle it with Amazon Prime for $11.99 monthly/ $99 yearly.

Amazon recently launched the Fire TV Stick, their in-house media streaming device. You can stream not only Prime Video but also Netflix, YouTube & over a hundred more services on it.



Hulu launched as a completely free service, but they rolled out subscription-based Hulu Plus after their initial offering gained a massive following across the States.

If you just want to watch movies online, Go for Netflix or Prime Video, Hulu as a modest movie collection. But, if you’re in for TV Shows, There’s no better bet than Hulu.

In addition to a huge list of older tv shows, Hulu gets newer episodes just days & sometimes hours after they’ve streamed on cable. The best bet, huh?

Although most of Hulu is free, if you want to access their full & regularly updated library, that’ll put you down $7.99 per month.

YouTube Movies


Oh, how can we miss YouTube!

Well, YouTube isn’t for someone who just wants to watch movies online, it has a lot of other videos, to sum it all up, literally anything that isn’t porn.

Sure, there’s a lot of junk in there, but it also has a good library of movies.

YouTube’s model is a bit different; You can rent a movie for $0.99~$3.99, and finish it within 48 hours after you’ve started watching. Alternatively, you can purchase movies to have it in your library permanently for $9.99~$19.99.

YouTube RED, it’s original programming gives you access to a lot of exclusive titles like Scare PewDiePie, King of Dancehall, etc.

But, that’ll surely burn a hole in your pocket as it costs $9.99 monthly ($12.99 for iOS users) for a somewhat limited library.


So, here were Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu & YouTube for you. Well, these aren’t all, we have all the intentions to list Google Play Movies, Vudu & Spunk TV in coming time. Till then, let us know if this fulfills your appetite to watch movies online?

Well, there’s always the cost-effective way to pirate movies via torrent, but here, not only do you have easy & legal access to your favorite movie/tv series, but also you’re supporting the artists.

Think you’re in a country where any of these services is unavailable? Try using a VPN. It’s legal as well.


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